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October 14, 2009, the 30 th annual awards ceremony of the W. Eugene Smith Memorial Fund took place at the Asia Society in New York City. Lu Guang (卢广) from People’s Republic of China won the $30,000 W. Eugene Smith Grant in Humanistic Photography for his documentary project “Pollution in China.”

Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment

A black guy i know tried to stay at a korean hostel once. If and when we truly see our fellow human beings as our extended family then we may redirect our suffering into a congruity of spirit amongst mankind. Corporations are not held to any standards, are treated differently under the law, and are not bound by any code of ethics, morals or responsibilities other than to there share-holders and the bottom line.

We are going to choke this earth to death within the next 50-70 years. We are all human beings, and the people in these pictures are not given a choice. Of course they are not going to put factories in a crowed city.

A combination of ignorance and lack of education which push and feed some of the most sinister parts of human naturegreed, envy, arrogance greed in the need for the corporations to produce and sell with the highest profits. Ready? This is going to be real hard on some of you. Farmers after working in the cotton fields for 2 hours are filled with coal ashes.

In haimen city, jiangsu province chemical industrial district sewage treatment plant () discharged wastewater into yangtze river. So china has to handover whatever extra dollars it has to us in exchange for paper ! This is the most depressing thing ive seen in a long time. The us cleans up its factories and has established environmental laws.

I fantasize about cutting racist peoples head off with a small butter knife. For some to live in opulence others must live in need. Many of his award winning works focused on social issues like, gold rush in the west, drug girl, small coal pit, hiv village, the grand canal, development of the qinghai-tibet railway and so on.

Fantastic photography by a person with the courage of convictions to show behind the scenes. If they pollute your water, air or land, youve got the same 3 choices. There are so many of them, and only so much money to go around someone has to lose whenever someone else gains. But unfortunately some fixes also mean some businesses from advanced nations also have to do quick fix with their toxic waste dump (like computer waste) by dumping those on the poor third world nations. Btw, this patrick is not even worth getting angry over, because first i think patrick posted this just to get attention and if he is really speaking his mind then im still shock there are still people like patrick lurking among us like a maggot in my sandwich.

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Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment

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Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment If this happens in usa or europe, or any civilized countries, these unfortunate people can sue their government and get compensations, but hell not in china, these people are destined to be the sacrifice lambs for the sake of a few rich people. There isnt a world government to tell them how to act no matter how much you wish there was. One of the solutions that can truly be effective maybe is like other comments say all along amazing pictures, shocking motives, Mazhuang village by the hong river in wugang city, henan province, () 58-year-old ma haipeng () was suffering from stomach cancer since 2006 and could not work in the field. In certain cases, it has got better, while in many others it gets worse, sometimes very horrible condition. We all came from monkeys you say? Why are there still monkeys? Re they waiting to evolve? Fool.
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    Western consumers have happily bought cheaper goods made in china so perhaps the blame can be spread around, albeit a little. Thank you for sharing and exposing your evil to everyone reading. One would not argue against this possibility, if you consider many newly found phenomena like the quantum entanglement theory. Stupid comment? China and us have a symbiotic relationship based on supply and demand. It would not be hard to reduce pollution from these factories.

    This showed we get so obsessed with numbers(gdp) that we simply overlook the ground realities. Fantastic photography by a person with the courage of convictions to show behind the scenes. Eugene smith memorial fund took place at the asia society in new york city. Global warming is just that, a global problem and a global responsibility. This kind of image manipulation went in on colour magazines for years prior to the invention of photoshop.

    Yet so many here in the us want to throw out the moral relativism and usher in the same type of communists that wrecked it there smart, real smart. Chinese tend to think only foreigners are racist, but anybody who has lived in east asia knows that there are strong racial supremacism themes in china, korea and japan. I have been to beijing and shanghia, which i am sure are two of the better places for a foreigner to go. The now uncompetitive companies clean up their act with government subsidies or investors and modernize their production and hire specialized labor for a much lower cost. The steel industry in the east was shut down and the acid rain fell in china. But i promise one thing, when i meet you there, you will wish that you had thought about the things you have said, for i will make your hell, an unbearable living hell! Its so sad that my country gave up its environment for economic growth. Maybe im not a good person because im not going to do anything about it, but that certainly make me a shitty person. April 15, 2009 in some areas of china peoples lives were threatened because of the environmental pollution. Amwf amxf social community patrick aljord (patcito) s status on saturday, 24-oct-09 002801 utc - identi. Just a note to anti-commie these images may not have been photoshopped.

    Rebecca Solnit, a TomDispatch regular, is the author of 17 books, including an expanded hardcover version of her paperback indie bestseller Men Explain Things to Me and a newly released anthology of her essays about places from Detroit to Kyoto to the Arctic, The Encyclopedia of Trouble and Spaciousness.

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    Of course they are not going to put factories in a crowed city. We are all human beings, and the people in these pictures are not given a choice. The villagers live in this heavily polluted environment where the village is under the iron rain every day. Meanwhile, you as a citizen couldnt take a pocket knife with you to the airport. India is developing industry more and more, china has been developing.

    However, it would be foolish to ignore the fact that multinational corporations (mncs) are a catalyst to this environmental tragedy. Fortunately for most other capitalist nations the combination of laws and consumer power ensures that scenes like this are less likely. Saying this is realted to some comm-you-nist prattle, and indeed accusing people you know nothing about of worship something you appear to know nothing about except is a bogeyman as you have been repeatedly told, is unspeakably, embarassingly, ironically, and pathetically brainless Buy now Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment

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    Luckily, when the us was unregulated, the chemicals produced were not as toxic or produced in such huge quantities. This showed we get so obsessed with numbers(gdp) that we simply overlook the ground realities. I think they have done many things already like you said shooting not a couple but many corrupt officials but greed is a very super strong vice motivator. Let me sum it up for you morons who blame everyone else for chinas problems except china. Its easy to lower manufacturing costs by moving the project to china when there arent the same environmental and safety regulations there.

    How do you get rid of just say simply ever-renewing, ever-faster, ever-changingimproving computers old printed circuit boards (mother boards, etc Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment Buy now

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    During graduate school, he studied, traveled all over the country and carved out a career, became the dark horse of the photographer circle in beijing. Newsflash people everybody hates somebody! And no, before you jump to your emotion driven conclusions, im not agreeing with the words of expatrick. Only strong citizen movements, protests, and this kind of exposure can get them to clean up their act hope they realize this kind of dirt growth isnt helping anyone and they need some sort of regulations to continue sustainably still a problem for china. Henan anyang iron and steel plants () sewage flowed into anyang river. Our future and our childrens futures are being ruined due to a small percentage of greedy people, who use there filthy profits to pay corrupt officials so they can continue to exploit and pollute Buy Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment at a discount

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    The white racist will be condemned by the vast majority of white people which is exactly what has happened here on this page while the chinese racists are only criticised by non-chinese. We ourselves went through the very thing we started cleaning up and shipping these plants overseas to china where eco laws do not exist. I say tried because the korean bigots wouldnt let him in. Every year, a lot of deficiency babies in shanxi province were abandoned. And by the way, what about selling and feeding poisoned milk to their own babies? Is that our fault too? And the deadly pet food? And the corrosive drywall? All our fault, right? There is a sense of responsibility totally lacking in china that is really no worse than americas lack of responsibility, we just have stronger laws Buy Online Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment

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    I studied photography in college for a couple of years, and it doesnt matter whether you are using film or digital, nearly all high quality images are manipulated for contrast and exposure, intensity or lack or intensity in the photographs colours. But we had to clean up our acts because people were getting sick and dying. How do you get rid of just say simply ever-renewing, ever-faster, ever-changingimproving computers old printed circuit boards (mother boards, etc. I love how people (typically leftists) always make racism out to be a white only issue. Listen, stop blaming other countries, it is the china problem and they should solve for their citizens.

    My neighbor does not have the right to pollute my air or water Buy Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment Online at a discount

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    Humanitarians are berating china for their poor work environments and awful pollution, as seen prior to the olympics, but do they, do we, really know the cause? When we go to walmart or target to purchase a shower curtain or flat-screen tv, we are decidedly feeding this growing issue. I have no more tolerance for people like you who choose to be stupid. I did colour negative printing as well as black and white, and colouration can be manipulatedaltered printing traditional style colour prints. I felt that everything i had believed up until that point in my life was a lie. In a smaller country, say like somewhere in western europe, the people would put a stop to this horrible exploitation of themselves and their local resources Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment For Sale

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    You can easily be fed for 2 yuan (about 30 cents). It is a complex world we live in and few things, if any, are black and white. I think a lot of the people commenting here need to see photos of major cities and factory areas of the us, england, and germany circa 1870-1930 give or take a few decades. But being a liberal twat, you looked right past that because socialism communism works. There isnt a world government to tell them how to act no matter how much you wish there was.

    Ive traveled extensively throughout spain (and western europe) by car, train, bus, etc. Due to those regulations, the us manufacturing facilities no longer look or operate like this. Maybe then major pollution through total, all out nuclear exchange or war will be feasible For Sale Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment

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    If you are lucky youll get some of your allies to do whatever you do. Chinese in turn keep the products cheap by cutting down on wages, not investing in qc & pollution control. Theyre the ones who profit off the above pictures, indeed they press for this stuff. If we set import tariffs on countries based on their environmental performance and human rights conditions instead of pleasing corporate interest for cheap foreign labor and natural resources. Our collective problem is we view this issue through western eyes.

    The difference between humans i find just so surprising in this day and age of education! We are all one and tied together somehow! You are a tin man. Purely handling it is simply useless as its causes are numerous and complex Sale Photo Essay Of An Effective School Environment




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